About me

Josefina Wendel Carlsson

Born in Stockholm 1979.

I am a Swedish-born professional artist with my base in Stockholm. I started my career in 2001 and has managed about 30 exhibitions. Both individual and group exhibitions. I am represented by private collectors and companies such as AstraZeneca , Harley-Davidson Sweden and several art associations. I have been invited to work with public art at both libraries and museum.

Some thoughts...

When someone asks me what I want to mediate with my artwork, the first word that comes to my mind is joy. I want the observer to feel joy and a desire to rediscover and use their own innate imagination. I have always felt that I must follow my own way in my artistry. Not follow anybody else or charted guidelines what to do or not to do.

I am a free spirit with the goal to create what I want and love. And the joy I feel when I paint is the feeling that I hope I can mediate to the observer of my art. All my work has strong egos. They are independent with strength in their individuality. But I also hope that I can make people see humility and a sense of humor.

Upcoming Exhibitions
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Edsvik Art Fair Edsvik Konsthall Aug-sep 2018
Represented/Purchased by
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Affordable Art Fair Metropolitan Pavilion, New York West 124, 18th st 13-17th of September 2017
ArteHos Art Fair Barcelona 16-20th of December 2017
Exhibition at Art Nou Mil-lenni Gallery Barcelona Jan-Feb 2018
Agora Gallery New York June 2017
Swedbank Stockholm 2017
AstraZeneca Gothenburg, Sweden 2016
Trimble Art Association Danderyd, Sweden 2015
Täby Educators Art Association Sweden 2013
Backryd Consulting Inc. Sweden 2013
County of Stockholm Art Association Stockholm 2004
Art Friends Association Sweden 2013
Stenhamra Library Ekerö, Sweden 2011
Stockholm Assembly Täby 2008
Employment Agency Stockholm, Sweden 2008
Nynäs Petrolium Nynäshamn, Sweden 2003
Comeric Elektronik Sweden 2001
Public Assignments
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Public art at the Viking museum of Sigtuna Sweden 2015
Public art at the library in the county of Ekerö Sweden 2011